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Work on projects and performed services in cooperation with our telecommunication partners.
Telecommunication core network:
  • Configuration
  • Analysis
  • Traffic analysis and statistics
  • EMS (Element Management System) and
    FMS (Fault Management System)
  • Event and alarm monitoring in telco networks
  • PQMS (framework for the realisation of performance-data collections, processing and presentation in networks containing specific third-party products)
Development on platforms:
  • Short Message Service Center
  • Equipment identifier registry
  • Open Call Media platform
  • CDR (Charging Data Record) Matcher
  • Televoting control system
  • Multimedia Mobile Call Center
Embedded systems:

  • Implementation of a LinuxOS-based RSTP Daemon
Production process optimisation:

  • Active participation, planning and implementation of the Apache Maven tool into our partners’ development processes
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