About us

Developing new concepts and delivering the high tech application industry solution to the end customers and to the mass market is being the challenge from the very beginning of i-Rose company. Based on our own product line of i-Track (MEAP - Mobile enterprise application platform) we are growing into multi-national application provider.

We take pride in playing an active part in today's business world, helping reinvent and develop a dynamic business environment in which change is the only constant.
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    i-Rose Brau Beviale 2011 team after the successful fair presentation
in Nurnberg, Germany.
Having transformed many new ideas into excellent solutions over the last decades, we are able to offer a vast assortment of products and services. An effective management of information, flexibility, and great responsiveness give us an advantage over the competition.

As we are looking forward to new challenges, pursuing them to widen our horizons through continuous advanced expert training, and sharing knowledge with our team, partners and other esteemed users of new technologies.
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