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Technical data

i-Track solution is designed to best feet into heterogeneous enterprise IT environments. There is no practical limit of scale of use. i-Track is the best choice to be deployed by cloud solution providers or to be installed internally in a large enterprise multilingual environments.

Arhitecture and Environment


  • Enterprise SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and 
  • ESB (Mule) implementation
  • ESB based integration ready services
  • MEAP - Mobile enterprise application platform
  • Infrastructure based on SOA
Software as a Service Deployment Yes
Supported Data Base

Object / Relational Mapping – Hibernate, tested with:

  • MS SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Oracle Database 10g
  • PostgreSQL 8.4.13
Business User Interface and Repository of Business Process Workflow Definitions and Business Rules MS SharePoint and MS SQL ReportingServices
(if MS SQL Database is deployed)
Business Process Workflow Definitions Editor XML Form Editor or Microsoft Office Professional Info Path
Programming Environment JEE
Multilanguage Support of User Interface and Metadata Unlimited
OS platform Preferable Linux
MS SharePoint OS platform MS Windows 2008 Server 64bit
M2M (Machine to Machine) communication channels
  • GPS
  • SNMP
Supported Identification Technologies
  • RFID
  • Bar Code
Mobile Computing
Encoding Https
Content Security

Encrypted content and limited by work frame per selected period of time
Remote control:

  • delete content
  • block the device
  • locate the device
  • Android in production
  • Windows Mobile and Apple iOS in development phase
Devices and communication channels G2, G2+, G3, G4, Wi-Fi, Ethernet
Authorization and Authentication
  • User name + PIN code Authentication
  • Job / Rules / Device based Authorization
Data Gathering
  • Audio
  • Photo
  • Video
  • Text
  • M2M
Screen size Auto adjustable
Tested and Approved Device List
Virtually all the devices with Android 3.0 Honeycomb (API level 11) and newer versions installed are ready to operate with the MSP, MDA, MAS solutions.
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