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About i-Track

i-Track provides the comprehensive flexible IT support for planning, executing, monitoring and analyzing of business and industrial processes focused on the FSM (Field Service Management) including FFM (Field Force Management) and mobile WFM (Work Force Management) domains. Innovative approach and modern architecture ensure prompt implementation of one’s business advantages on to the market by offering rich palette of business functionalities:
  • MEAP - Mobile enterprise application platform, mobile business process support platform
  • Field operations service delivery dynamic support, off/on line deployment
  • Design and manage your own business workflow solutions (prototyping, testing, deploying of defined rules)
  • Structured business logic rules defined and managed in the i-Track backend
  • Easy to integrate using ESB infrastructure
  • M2M and HMI ready
  • Sophisticated security
  • Open SOA architecture
  • Cloud ready
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Beverage and liquid food industry
  • Mobile sales
  • Sales promotions
  • Service network
  • Renting
  • maintenance and other services
  • Engineering and construction
  • Infrastructure services (electricity, gas, water, heat, waste)
  • Finance and insurance
  • Health care
  • Inspection and audit
  • Intervention and security
  • Assets management and hotel services
  • Telecommunication services
  • Postal and logistic services
  • Environmental protection
  • Surveying and data gathering

  • M2M integration

  • mobile warehouse
  • sales policy
  • reporting
  • signature capture
  • mobile printing
  • credit/debit/loyalty card process (optional)

i-Track Modules

i-Track Modules
i-Track modules include transparent and comprehensive set of business functionalities. Different combinations of modules allow one to build optimal set of functionalities in order to support even most complex business processes.
Complete Palette and Organization of i-Track modules

Cloud Solution

Cloud Solution
i-Track Add on Developers, Users, Corporate Users and Customers centralized on the hosted and secure single i-Track installation.
i-Track is a generic solution, suitable for use in a wide range of different industrial environments. Adjustments to specific environment are carried out with the relevant procedural definitions, without any changes being made to the source program code.


i-Track comes with ready to use ESB integration services in order to provide a high level of interoperability with various ERP IT infrastructures.

Adding new service or expansion of existing ESB services allows deploying different new functionalities and integrations with any needed third party solution. The mechanism of deploying new services is standard, documented and robust.
System infrastructure
i-Track achieves high flexibility with carefully selected architecture of the system infrastructure:
  • i-Track MSP (Mobile Service Platform) Application server with integrated synchronization and security functionalities
  • i-Track BA Application Server
  • The BOM (Busines object middelware) server, which combines the crucial business rules, operational documentation and PWDs

DataBase Server stores production data gathered using i-Track.
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