Mlekarna, ki misli in deluje digitalno

Dairy that thinks and works digitally

Finance, oktober 2016

Robert Serec took the steering wheel of Pomurske mlekarne (Diary from Pomurje) in the beginning of 2015. Company was in really bad shape – it didn’t had any tracking system for delivery, no mobile sales and no control over the supplies.
“I knew I need to do a business twist in company in order for diary to succeed. Soon it was clear that digitalization is the answer and a key to success”, Serec explained and he added “in one year and a half, in cooperation with our technological partner I-Rose from Laško, we did a really great job that brings a positive results that we can enjoy today.”

Mobile sales was one of the key component that needed to be stimulated and totally renewed. MSP allowed them to initiate critical points of the business process and consequently they established total clarity and flawless tracking system for sales activities and supplies.

“With IT environment renewal and with changes we have implemented in our working routine, we set great foundations for the future of the company. We are steadfast in the goal of general digitalization, since I am sure, companies that will not take the path of IT involvement, will lose on their competitiveness and sooner or later will find themselves in extremely hard or even unsolvable situation.” Serec said.

Even the change was big – after a while all the employees recognized it as a good excellent, since it turns out, MSP simplify their work and brings joy to their day to day tasks.