Monitoring reusable package with i-Track , 23.9.2009

At the Drinktec fair in Munich this year the company i-ROSE from Laško presented its own technological solution i-Track for managing different assets like reusable package, devices and machines. The solution is due to lower costs especially important in the time of the current crisis, for it improves economic indicators for every business.

According to i-Rose, the advantage of the technological solution i-Track is not only in lower costs, but also in more efficient management, better responsiveness and in the reduction of unmarketable stocks.

A technological system, developed in Laško, is used for tracking and efficient asset management. The i-Track solution employs RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, integrated with software. For the development of the system the newest technologies were used, which ensures ruggedness and accessibility of the system where the internet connection is available.

The execution of the whole i-Track system is enabled by software, tracking terminals and RFID labels. The latter are minute, only a few millimetre big elements which are able to identify the assets to which they are attached, by means of radio waves. The elements can be active or passive, especially in cases where assets are relatively large.

A pilot project was already presented at the Brau Beviale fair in Nürnberg last year. This year, furthermore, i-Rose presented an improved solution, intended for implementation into the business process of a customer. In addition, i-Rose cooperates with Pivovarna Laško, where it works on the project of introducing RFID technology into manufacture.

According to the director of the company i-ROSE Janez A. Korun, there was a considerable interest in the solution i-Track at the Drinktec fair. He added: “It is true that i-Track was presented in the time when the industry tries to optimise all aspects of their management and is willing to invest in such solutions.”

The Drinktec fair, the world’s biggest fair, presenting the newest solutions in the area of beverage and liquid food technology, was held from 14. to 19. September in Munich. The fair, being held every four years, was this year visited by 60,000 people from 170 countries.