Pomurske mlekarne

logoPMPomurske mlekarne, d.d. (http://www.pomurske-mlekarne.si/en/) one of the three leading Slovenian dairies decided to introduce “Telekom MSP” (Mobile Service Platform) platform to support complete field operations in late spring 2016. The project is just finishing up (end of July, 2016) and has already presented all involved with positive effects by optimizing, accelerating and improving business operations of the Pomurske mlekarne.

MSP is supporting literally any field process taken place in Pomurske mlekarne and ensures continuous evolving of the implementation due to the innovative self enabled business process definitions.

The most important field processes covered by the MSP are:

  • Field sales
  • Field promotions
  • Distributions
  • Field ordering
  • Fiscal cashier
  • Surveys
  • Reclamations
  • Batch processing and traceability

MSP solution is an asynchronous native mobile client intended to be used in a professional and high demanding environments offering unbeatable robustness, speed of use and reliability.

We are proud to be part of the success business stories by supporting it with our MSP platform solution.

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